What to buy?

Currently I am still undecided between a Kia Sorrento, Ford Explorer or Chevrolet Traverse.  I find it hard to research cars online as most of them have a lot of negative comments no matter what vehicle you look at.  It is similar to a lot of products, people are only looking online about their car if they have problems so most of the reviews end up negative.  This is one of the reasons I love Amazon they do a terrific job of getting feedback.

Anyways, my taxes are finally done and I am expecting a nice size rebate check (few thousand) so I am going to put this towards my new vehicle so I can drop the payments down lower.  I plan on selling my current vehicle also after I get my next one.  The weather has been really crappy here lately (snowing) so it is hard to get into the mood to go test drive them.  Next weekend is looking good so I will have some more posts if I go out test driving.  One feature that my wife and me definitely want is a 3rd row seat that can fold up and down easily.  I think that is great for when we are taking the kids around and need the extra seating.  None of the Kia, Ford or Chevy have a ton of leg room in the 3rd row but that really does not matter to us as we don’t plan on hauling that many adults around in our car anyways.  Also, we definitely need AWD or a 4 wheel drive option, as we often have to travel in the middle of winter in crappy weather (Christmas) and other holidays and I wan’t something that will get us through whatever conditions we may face comfortably.  Obviously there is a certain point that a blizzard could be unsafe, I am not talking about that though.